Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Flat - Helps hide surface Imperfections, and gives a more modern look. Easier to touch-up with a paint brush than to try and clean a spot.

Satin / Eggshell - With its slight gloss and is best for bathrooms or kitchens, this finish is easy to clean with light scrubbing.

Semi-Gloss - Meant for baseboard, door+frames, any trim mainly any areas that get cleaned frequently. This finish will magnify any surface imperfections.


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What to expect with A&R Bentley Painting

 A FREE in-home consultation & Estimate:

One of the two owners Adam or Ron will personally go over your painting project no matter how big or small. During the visit (they) will go over any problems and issues that might need to be address before the start of the job. (They) will also go over painting manufacturers and product that would be best for your project. You will receive a emailed copy within 24 hours and a hard copy on the start date.


Once you inform us that you accept the proposal. We will schedule a start date that will best fit you.


* Removal of electrical face plates and other hardware, as required.
*Priming of new, non-primed wood prior to application of finish coat(s).
*Patching and sanding of walls and ceilings prior to application of finish coat(s).
*Sealing of wood cracks and miter joints with a paint‐grade caulking.
* clean surfaces to be painted using  solvents as necessary, as required.
* Protection of surfaces and objects not being painted with tape, paper, plastic, and drop sheets, as required.
* Scraping, sanding and filling, as applicable, of any peeling areas to provide a smooth surface for painting.
* Paint as many coats as specified in the estimate.

Clean Up:

Clean up at the end of each day and full clean up at the end of the project, including removal of any garbage and debris. Leftover paint will be properly labeled and stored in a place of your choosing.

Final Inspection:

On the last day of the job either Adam or Ron from our painting company in San Jose will schedule a walk through inspection with the property owner. At this time touch-ups will be noted and corrected. Upon completion of the job final payment will be collected and you will received an invoice for the work done. Its a little different for our commercial and apartment painters in San Jose.